Add some fun to your party with KARAOKE!

Our Karaoke system features over 13,000 songs and integrates seamlessly into our regular DJ setup, so that the clean, professional-looking aesthetic is not lost when adding it to your event: in fact, the only difference the audience sees is an LCD monitor angled up for the vocalist(s).

For the singers, the lyrics appear on the screen, and change color as they are supposed to sing them - it really is EASY & FUN!!

Combine this with our large-screen or LCD TV projection systems and the whole audience can sing along too! We can even do one on each side if the stage if you'd like!

AND - why not create a STAGE? And even have concert-style lighting that can change color to suit the mood of the song or do a full-blown light show that is sync'd to the music?

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Karaoke is a great add-on to a DJ party, and we can give you the flexibility of being able to intersperse it with great dance music to keep everyone involved and the night moving right along.

Ready to find out what Sound in Motion can do for you?

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