About Our Company

The roots of Sound In Motion Entertainment Group can be traced back to a warm summer day in Cupertino, California, where two soon-to-be 8th grades sentenced to summer school met on the soccer field and became fast friends.

Today, company founders and 17-time Best DJ reader poll winners "DJ Adrian" Cavlan and "King Raffi" Nalvarian (Mix 106.5 and Live 105 radio fame) still love soccer (and hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, golf, cycling… what else you got?) and passionately run what they believe is one of the top DJ and Video companies you will find anywhere.

They have emerged as nationally-recognized industry leaders who have been asked to give presentations across the country on both the art and business of being a DJ and Master Of Ceremonies.

The staff at Sound In Motion is a reflection of everything Raffi and Adrian value and practice in their company: it starts with commitment and genuine caring, continues with charisma and enthusiasm, and ends with services joyfully delivered and promises proudly kept.

If you are planning an event in our area, you will soon start noticing our name appearing on most venue-provided Preferred Vendor lists. We are very proud that we have earned this privilege by providing a consistently high level of quality that is valued by our clients and fellow event professionals alike.

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